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Join us for exciting, new coaching groups with Rick Webster, CEO and Founder of RenaFi!

In these topic driven sessions, you will receive personalized attention. This interactive group will be solution focused, and provide increased accountability. You will experience an interconnectedness in group coaching that you do not find in one-on-one coaching.A group environment leads to creative and motivational experiences. 

Coaching Groups consist of:

small groups: 7 person maximum

weekly meeting at a fixed time (attendance required)

four sessions per month

daily check-ins

two and half hours each session

members-only Facebook group for accountability and ongoing connection

Benefits of group coaching:

Heightened emotional intelligence/awareness

Shared wisdom within the group

Increased awareness of how a group process functions

Improved conflict resolution skills (soft skills)

Fixed timings that are easier to plan around

A better value than individual coaching

Self assessment for success:

  • Are you ready to make a change?

  • Are you ready and able to do the necessary work to make changes in your life?

  • Are you able to commit to a specific time slot?

  • Are you comfortable sharing within a group of men and women?

  • Are you able to consider and/or accept constructive criticism?

  • Are you willing to view your past choices in a more positive and productive light?

  • Are you ready to get real about your goals?

  1. Are determined to make the necessary changes.

  2. Are clear on what they want to accomplish (even if their clarity is “I don’t know what needs to change, but something does!).

  3. Understand that they, and they alone, are the instrument of their success.

  4. Are “coachable.”  Meaning they are open to learning new ideas, and challenging their old beliefs.

  5. Have a “growth” vs “fixed” mindset.

People who are ready for change

Richard Webster

CEO and Founder of RenaFi

Rick Webster is a coach with eleven years experience. He specializes in finance, small business and ADHD related complications. He is the founder and CEO of RenaFi, a behavioral finance education platform dedicated to creating ADHD-friendly resources and support systems. Rick (diagnosed with ADHD as an adult) also works as an ADHD advocate. He currently serves as the regional coordinator for CHADD of Northern California, and is also on the CHADD chapter advisory board. Rick leads “Success Clinics” for CHADD, and leads ADDA’s “Money Matters” recurring meetings. He has been a featured financial expert speaker for Will Curb’s “Hacking Your ADHD” podcast, Rick Green’s “Totally ADHD” podcast, on Jessica McCabe’s channel “How To ADHD,” on Eric Tiver’s podcast “ADHD reWired,”  on the podcast “ADHD Support Talk.”  Rick has been a National Conference speaker for ADDA, and was recently a presenter in ADDA’s online “ADDAverse.”

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Day and Time

ADHD Entrepreneur Specific:

Tuesdays @ 7:00 - 9:00 PM ET

A very significant portion of the ADHD population is entrepreneurial.  Do your work life and passions travel to the beat of a different drummer?  Are you mission driven?  So many of us are.  But ADHD, isolation and practical considerations often derail our best intentions.  Join us.  Join a small cohort of like minded individuals determined to build something of value. Topic driven, every week we will explore a different aspect of building a business together. Professionally guided discussions and collaboration. Receive valuable feedback on your business planning strategies.

Only $229 per Month

RenaFi Membership Included with $229

*Group Coaching is an additional cost and not included with basic RenaFi membership.

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