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Transform Your ADHD Challenges into Business Success

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Starting: Sunday, April 28th @ 6 pm ET

Every Sunday and Tuesday at 6 pm ET

Transform Your ADHD Challenges into Business Success

- with -



Starting: Sunday, April 28th @ 6 pm ET

Every Sunday and Tuesday at 6 pm ET

Are your ADHD challenges causing you business problems?

Running a business is no small business regardless of its size, and when ADHD is part of the equation, what seems challenging can often feel downright overwhelming. 


Do you ever find yourself:

Wrestling with fluctuating concentration?

Battling impulsivity?

Struggling to maintain momentum in your daily operations?


 It’s not only about juggling tasks. It’s also about feeling anchored in a storm, prioritizing opportunities, and sometimes watching potential slip through your fingers.


Most entrepreneurs with ADHD grapple with these issues daily. The difficulties of staying focused, managing time, and maintaining financial oversight can severely obstruct your path to growth and success. Instead of moving forward, you might feel stuck, watching as dreams of financial independence and professional achievement grow dimmer.


Navigating these challenges isn't about transforming ADHD into a superpower. Instead, it’s about understanding how your mind works and implementing systems and practices that can help you stay on track. With the right tools and knowledge, you can make ADHD less of a wildcard in your professional life.

"Entrepreneur’s Solutions" was created as a group coaching series developed with you in mind. This program isn’t just another business course. It’s a transformative journey designed to provide you with ACTIONABLE insights and strategies tailored to the unique way your brain operates. By joining us, you’ll gain practical skills to better manage your time, focus your efforts, and keep your financial operations under control.

Here’s what you will get

Specialized ADHD Strategies
Learn practical techniques to enhance your focus, manage impulsivity, and keep your business activities on track.


Tailored Feedback

Receive personalized, actionable feedback on your unique business challenges from our expert coach and fellow entrepreneurs.


Collaborative Learning Environment
Share your experiences, tackle ADHD-specific scenarios, and draw on the collective wisdom of peers who are on the same journey in our interactive group discussions.


Expert-Led Sessions
Benefit from the insights of an experienced business coach who specializes in finance and ADHD. Join a group who understand your struggles and can offer personalized guidance that seamlessly integrates into your business operations.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Master all essential aspects of business management—from crafting robust business plans and managing finances effectively, to branding, marketing, and securing funding—all adapted to fit the needs of an ADHD entrepreneur.


Downloadable Resources

 These tools are invaluable for organizing your thoughts, tracking your progress, applying what you have learned and systematically implementing the strategies discussed.

Elevate Your Business Strategy

"Entrepreneur's Solutions" will equip you with the tools necessary for mastering your business with ADHD. Throughout our 6 week series, you'll not only learn to navigate the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship but also discover how to use your unique ADHD perspectives as assets in your business.

What have others achieved with RenaFi Programs?

What have others achieved with RenaFi Programs?

Are You Ready to Make a Strategic Shift?

When you enroll in "Entrepreneur's Solutions," you gain access to the entire RenaFi platform. This includes a variety of programs and benefits designed to support individuals with ADHD, such as additional coaching sessions on various topics, networking events, mind-body workshops, and exclusive member resources. RenaFi is here to support every aspect of your entrepreneurial and personal growth.


Perhaps the most important aspect you’ll come to appreciate are the 6 six week Topic Driven Group Coaching events that will take us through the end of 2024, adding significantly to the success of our RenaFi members.


Step into a supportive, knowledgeable community that empowers you to achieve business excellence. Your journey to a more structured, insightful, and successful business begins with this group coaching series. And extends through an entire ecosystem of ADHD-focused resources.


Get Instant Access To Our Entire Program:

All Group Coaching

All Groups

All Events

All Resources

Community Access


Not feeling it? No problem. We're here to ensure you're fully satisfied, no judgement, and no strings attached with our 14 day money back guarantee.

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