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Starting: Monday, May 20th @ 6 PM ET

Every Monday & Wednesday at 6 PM ET

Join us for our ADHD Group Coaching Series:

The Job Keepers Club and master work-related challenges. Enhance productivity and performance with targeted strategies and peer support tailored for ADHD professionals. Start excelling in your career today!


Imagine facing a mountain of tasks each day, but distractions pull your focus every which way. Deadlines creep closer, and despite your best efforts, you're left feeling unproductive and inadequate. You know you have the potential, but without the right support, daily work life becomes a constant battle against procrastination, disorganization, and stress.


That's why we created the ADHD Job Keepers Club. This program is tailored to transform your work experience. Through our expert-led sessions, you’ll learn practical techniques to manage time, stay organized, and maintain focus. We equip you with the tools to not just cope, but to thrive. With each session, you'll gain more control over your work life, find greater satisfaction in your accomplishments, and build the career you deserve.

Don't let ADHD hold you back. Join us today and start a journey to reclaiming your workday and achieving your true potential.

Here’s The Learning Objectives

Our comprehensive 12-session series covers everything from understanding ADHD in the workplace to creating a long-term plan for sustained success.

Understanding How Your ADHD Is Affecting You:
Individualize a plan of management for yourself that aligns with your goals.


Creating a Supportive Work Environment:

Learn effective communication techniques and how to secure accommodations to foster a more supportive workplace.


Developing Coping Strategies:
Master essential skills such as time management, organization, and prioritization to navigate daily tasks more efficiently.


Managing Distractions and Interruptions:
Gain tools to control your work environment and maintain productivity amidst distractions.


Improving Focus and Concentration:

Explore techniques to enhance your focus, allowing for greater concentration and task completion.


Building Motivation and Productivity:

Discover methods to boost your motivation and maintain high productivity levels throughout your workday.


Coping with Stress and Overwhelm:
Learn strategies to manage workplace stress and prevent feelings of overwhelm.


Developing Effective Work Relationships:

Enhance your interpersonal skills to build and maintain healthy, productive work relationships.


Managing Impulsivity:

Find out how to handle impulsivity, a common hurdle for those with ADHD, to make more considered decisions at work.


Managing Hyperactivity:
Learn strategies to manage hyperactivity that can interfere with work, helping you to channel this energy productively.


Identifying and Leveraging Strengths:

Recognize and use your unique strengths to your advantage in the workplace.


Creating a Long-Term Plan for Success:

Develop a personalized, sustainable action plan that aligns with your career goals and accommodates your ADHD.

What have others achieved with RenaFi Programs?

What have others achieved with RenaFi Programs?

Ready to Transform How You Work?

Register now and start your journey toward a more productive and fulfilling professional life. Spots are limited — secure yours today and change the way you work with ADHD.


Our topic driven coaching series is not just about coping but thriving. Facilitated by a seasoned professional experienced in ADHD management, each session is designed to empower you with knowledge, skills, and confidence. Whether you're just starting your career or looking to enhance your current role, this series is your gateway to turning challenges into opportunities.

Be part of a supportive community that understands your challenges and supports your growth every step of the way. With our group coaching series, connect with peers, share experiences, and learn from others who are navigating the same path.


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